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Kartong, the Gambia

By covering the most essential expenses related to schooling, Aiducatius acts as a catalyst for community growth. In a district like Kartong, with an estimated population of approximately 5200, free secondary school enables parents to save up money to enable their children to attend higher education, expand their businesses or afford to employ additional workers. This year, we sponsor 960 students and estimate that number to grow in the future.

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Nzega, Tanzania

The Nzega district is one of the poorest and driest areas in Tanzania, where the dry season covers nine months per year.


Access to safe water drinking water within close proximity frees up time, which unlocks education. So far, through our water-aid program, hundreds of children have gained access to clean drinking water.

South America

Esmeraldas, Ecuador

Esmeraldas is one of the most poverty-stricken areas in Ecuador. As a supporter of the San Daniele Comboni School, Aiducatius cover school fees for approximately 50 students. Most of these children come from dysfunctional families with drug and alcohol problems.

South America


In Brazil we are cooperating with Renato, a teacher dedicated to providing education for teenagers who are especially vulnerable to crime and gang activity in the favelas in Rio. Criminality is growing and the drug dealers are ever-increasingly closer to the students, showing them how easy it is to make money illegally. Renato and the other volunteers battle daily to keep the students on the correct track. The project is completely financed by the aid from us and would not exist without yearly donations. We are currently sponsoring 70 students.


Global Participation

Through Aiducatius foreign travel program, students from Norway, Denmark and Sweden have the opportunity to firsthand see the importance of the work we do.

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