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Education is key to sustainable poverty reduction

Aiducatius Foundation is a Sweden-based foundation that works to support children and young people's education in Tanzania, Gambia, Ecuador and Brazil. Aiducatius chose to support this particular endeavor as it is the founders’ belief that education is the key to a positive and democratic development - on both an individual and societal basis.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom and Anna-Karin Ericsson founded Aiducatius in 2009. As the founders of the international student exchange company Explorius Education, both Tom and Anna-Karin have intimate knowledge of the value of education and the need for access to schooling in developing countries. To support youths (and by proxy their families and local societies), the founders set up a one-to-one charity model in which each international exchange student travelling with Explorius Education sponsor a young student student in the Gambia or via Aiducatius Foundation. 

"We believe education is for everyone”. / Tom Ericsson

Since 2013, Aiducatius Foundation has been operating as an independent foundation with the Explorius Group remaining as the main donor.

For more information, please send us an email.

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