Education for Africa

Imagine a classroom filled with students oager to learn. Students who have walked barefoot many miles in the heath to get to school. In class they are trying to learn different subjects. Often without school books, pens, paper or calculators. Visit the classroom to know more about these kids in need.

Ecologius – the project in detail

Our work is conducted in several Tanzanian villages (Ruo, Kitwechembogo, Rukome, Kasuno and Nyamahanga/Biharamulo) over a five year period in which the conservation of existing wild growth is given as much importance as the planting of new trees. For every Nordic high school student travelling with Explorius, 100 SEK is given to finance the planting of trees.

The participants in the program sign a contract, which emphasize 5 reasons why to be a part of the project.

  1. For the sake of the environment: more trees contribute to a more stable environment with natural rain seasons, which in turns creates fertile lands which are needed to produce food that is needed.
  2. For the sake of clean air: trees serve the function of turning carbon dioxide into oxygen.
  3. For the sake of the economy: a tree that is allowed to grow for 15-20 years can be felled to create revenues for families which in turn may finance the education of their children.
  4. Trees can act as an investment and insurance for participants as they can act as future old age pension insurance.
  5. For the sake of the health of future generations.

Together with this contract, participants also partake in a seminar that emphasizes the importance of responsible cultivation of their lands, as to yield maximum revenues and environmental benefits.

Not only does working with Nyamahanga Children’s Village help Explorius offset carbon and aid the families of Biharamulo; but the revenues that go to this plant nursery in turn help a large group of vulnerable children that are not directly involved in the tree planting process with daily sustenance and an improvement in their chances of receiving primary education.

Furthermore, the revenues created by Explorius buying Nyamahanga Children’s Village tree-seedlings will also help to turn Ruo’s local secondary school’s vast grounds into a demonstration of sustainable farming where locals and people from neighboring villages will be able to work and learn from their experience here.